If you need any information from us such as large print, easy read leaflets, or you wish to receive any of your information by e mail if this makes things easier, please let us know.  We are able to obtain information on request from Action on Hearing Loss, CHANGE, Sense and the Royal National Institute of Blind People.  We want to ensure that patients receive information which they can access and understand and receive communication support if they need it.  Please speak to the Practice Manager if you require any assistance.

There is more information about the Accessible Information Standard, including the Specification and Implementation Guidance on the NHS England website at www.england.nhs.uk/accessibleinfo.

The "Information Standards Notice" which is the formal document which tells organisations that they must follow the standard is published on the Health and Social Care Information website at www.hscic.gov.uk/isce/publication/scci1605

For more information please e mail NHS England at england.nhs.participation@nhs.net or you can write to Accessible Information Standard, NHS England, 7E56, Quarry House, Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7UE.

CHANGE - Learning Disability Charity - info@changepeopoe.org.  Tel: 0113 242 6619

Hearing Loss - Informationlinehearingloss.org.uk  Tel: 0207 359 4442

RNIB Helpline : 0303 123 9999 (Braille and large print).

Published: Jan 10, 2020